C.J. Adams-Collier (cjcollier) wrote in mono_seattle,
C.J. Adams-Collier

MD Debugger is ready for testing!

18:38 < cj> heya toshok!
18:38 < toshok> so yeah, i think DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is needed
18:38 <@kangaroo> unless it’s in . or DYLD_LIB_PATH
18:38 < toshok> hola
18:38 <@kangaroo> which _ _hate_ about darwin
18:38 < cj> toshok: anything we can do to help with the MD debugger?
18:38 <@kangaroo> which I rather
18:38 < cj> we = seattle mono users’ group
18:39 <@kangaroo> cj: use it and file bugs
18:39 < cj> kangaroo: I wasn’t aware it was working. Do we need to apply a patch?
18:39 <@kangaroo> it only works on x86
18:39 < cj> fair enough. I’ve got an x86 in the basement and X on my mac :)
18:40 < toshok> you’ll need HEAD mcs/mono, and the editline package listed in the README, but otherwise
yeah, just build and file bugs :)
18:40 < cj> toshok: good news. I’ll send the info to the list.
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