C.J. Adams-Collier (cjcollier) wrote in mono_seattle,
C.J. Adams-Collier

First meeting

The first meeting was a success. chrishergert discussed his work with MonoDevelop and MonoQuery. The group contacted jamesh_rss, developer of among other things, Dia about building support for automatic UML generation from .NET assemblies into MonoDevelop.

Chris is working on creating a UML document to represent the MD codebase.

To support that project, we contacted miguel_rss about his work on getting the /doc argument to mcs finished. We both offered to test the patch and work out any bugs we find. He suggested that we read up on atsushi_rss's work on the project.

We found out that the visual studio project importer needs love. If any of you know where the source for it is, please post that information as a reply to this entry. I'd be happy to tweak it a bit.

During the next month, we plan to:

1) get the /doc patch tested and do what we can to get it merged into the svn repository
2) build a UML diagram of the MD source
a) create a doc to uml diagram generator
3) Work on the design of the SVN# add-in
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