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Multiple meetings?

Here is the transcript of a recent email exchange between chrishergert, mattw_rss and myself.

Chris, this is my friend Matt. He started and runs the Seattle Wireless Network (SWN) and the associated meetings. He's got a bit more experience with this type of question than I have. I know that he had issues in the past with having beginners at working meetings.

Matt, this is Chris. He's helping me organize the Seattle Mono Users' Group. Can you tell us what did you do to resolve the issue of training new members vs. being productive at work meetings? Did it work at all? I'm almost interested in hosting two meetings per month. One for getting things done, and one for training. But if this were to happen, I'd have to ask someone else to run the training meeting, since most months, I will only have time to attend one.

On the communication front, SWN has (more than) two mailing lists. One for the developers, and one for beginners who want to learn about the project from experienced members.

I've registered mono-seattle.(com|net|org), but haven't had a chance to set up a wiki or configure my installation of mailman for the virtual hosts yet. It's coming soon, though.

On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 02:11 -0800, chris@mosaix.net wrote:
> CJ,
> what do you think about noobs coming to meetings to learn mono/.net in
> general. i have a few friends that are interested in mono/c# and maybe
> this is something we could think about for the future as well. maybe
> have short lessons during meetings and small practice projects for them.
> ~ chris

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